Top 5 Benefits of installing a Metal Roof

Written on the 29 June 2022 by MRA Roofing & Construction

The most important surface of your home is obviously the roof! Keeping out all types of elements to protect you and your family. Metal roofs are very popular in 2022 and if you are considering a Colorbond
or Zincalume roof, here are our top 5 benefits.

1. Longevity

The lifespan of a well-maintained metal roof can last up to 40-70 years, and this is due to the material's durability against the elements! A great option for new roofs or re-roofing.

2. Durability

Metal roofs are considerably more durable than other types due to them being more resistant against mildew, rodents & pests, strong winds and in more colder climates, hail, ice, and snow.

3. Safety

Safety of our family is very important and another pro for a metal roof, especially in Queensland is against extensive damage from hailstorms. Large hail stones can penetrate concrete tiles penetrating the internal house, causing damage to the exterior and interior roof materials. A metal roof will be damaged by large hail, but the interior of your house will be protected.

5. Energy Efficient

Here in Australia and especially Queensland we have great weather and one of the benefits of a metal roof is that they reflect the heat which in turn reduces cooling costs. Reflecting more of the solar radiation than any other roofing product, metal roofs finishes are important to consider as well. Talk to your roofing specialist about what would suit your climate when choosing a finish.

4. Maintenance

Lastly, all roofs require maintaining, however it is a lot less with a BlueScope Steel Colorbond or Zincalume roof compared to tile or slate roof. No loose, cracked, or leaking tiles as metal roofs are large sheets, which are specially formulated to resist years of exposure.

Metal roofs come in different colours and finishes to suit your needs and if you are considering a metal roof then call MRA Roofing & Construction today to discuss further!

Author:MRA Roofing & Construction