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Why Do Commercial Roofs Leak? Understanding the Common Causes

A leaky roof can turn into a business owner's nightmare, causing damage not only to the building but potentially disrupting operations as well. This article will delve into the most common reasons why commercial roofs may start to leak. 1. Improper Installation One of the primary reasons for commercial roof leaks is improper installation. ...

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Unlocking the Secrets of Commercial Roof Design

When it comes to new building construction, we all know that roof design is a crucial element. But did you know that it's just as important for commercial roof repairs, restorations, and replacements? A well-designed and properly installed commercial roof can offer years of protection against the elements while also providing excellent insu...

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How to choose the Right Commercial Roofing Contractor: Your Ultimate Guide

The right commercial roofing contractor is not just a vendor, but a long-term partner in the care and maintenance of your commercial property. The choice you make today can have far-reaching consequences on the health and durability of your building’s roof. Making a poor choice could lead to costly repairs, unexpected failures, and a short...

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6 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Bushfire Season

As fire season looms, homeowners face the critical task of safeguarding their properties. While several aspects of fire safety are commonly addressed, the roof—a fundamental line of defence against the fiery onslaught—often gets overlooked. A well-prepared roof can not only withstand the fiery debris carried by the wind but also sign...

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Benefits of Adding Skylights to Your Commercial Building

As a commercial property owner, it's essential to optimise your space for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. One efficient and increasingly popular way to achieve this is by installing skylights. At MRA Roofing & Construction, we have seen first-hand how skylights can transform a building. But what exactly are the benefits? In this...

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